Blenda JR300 Review

We have all kinds of small appliances in our kitchen, most of them do not perform as advertised, or leave a lot to be desired. There is nothing more beneficial to our health than drinking a glass of fresh juices and vegetables blended right in our own kitchen.

Blenda has come up with a revolutionary product that will change the juicing process, making your life a lot easier. With the Blenda JR-300 all you have to do is to put your favorite fruits and veggies into blender in order to get the best ever nutrient rich fresh juice in an instant without worrying about the pulp or seeds in it.

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The process of juicing has been made extremely easy with the Blenda JR-300. The unit is run by a slow speed motor to ensure that the cell structure of the fruits and vegetables is maintained, allowing for a reduction in the oxidation and separation of the food.

Blenda JR300_3AThe Blenda JR-300 operates at 80-90 RPM’s, whereas; other juicers have extremely fast motors with the RPM’s of 1000-2400 RPM’s. This unit is a workhorse.

The Blenda JR-300 employs the masticating and pressing method of juice extraction, using a screw-like auger like a mortar and pestle. This unique technique crushes and presses the food until it releases the nutrients and enzymes lying deep within the fruits and vegetables.
It also breaks down more phytonutrients, resulting in a richer colored juice that retains more vitamins and minerals. While phytonutrients aren’t as essential as vitamins and minerals, however, they may help prevent disease and keep your body in tip top condition.

The slow running motor not only gives you great quality and highly nutrient juices, it also reduces that annoying high speed noise of other blenders and save you a little bit on your energy cost. From a power consumption perspective, it uses only 150 watts of power, compared to 1500 watts for a conventional juicer.

Another benefit of having the Blenda JR-300 is that its slow speed extraction system not only saves energy and gives a better quality juice but it also gives more juice because high speed juicers start to produce a reside of pulp on the side walls of the juicer, this juicer gives you more juice with less fruits and vegetables due to its slow speed extraction system.

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Cleaning a juicer can be a difficult task with many juicers, but the Blenda JR-300 has a very simple cleaning system which can be tackled in the matter of minutes.

Blenda JR300_4AThe Blenda JR-300 comes with a cleaning kit that includes a brush which helps in cleaning the enclosed juicer areas and tight spaces and most of the parts of this juicer are washable.

The fine filter is very effective in separating the seeds and pulp from the juice and it can be cleaned in an instant.

This is not just a juicer, it’s a complete nutrient system that will deliver the best tasting juice you have ever had in your life, and make your life a little easier in the process.

If you’re looking for a juice extractor that performs at maximum efficiency to deliver the best tasting juice you’ve ever had, then look no more.

The Blenda JR-300 is the best in its class and that’s the reason it is consistently ranked in the highest customer satisfaction ratings. So why compromise for something less when you can have the best at an unmatched price.

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